The Villains
The Villains

The Villains

The Villains of Terra Zem

Terra Zem has its share of villains. I cannot share them all here but I will share a couple of my favorite ones. You will have to read RAVENQUEST and SHADOWQUEST to find out about them all! Also read the latest updates!


First of all let me update you on what has been going on in my life and what has been going on on my writing desk. Exciting times! My wife and I have been traveling all over the United States in our camper. We have literally shed the bondages of mortgages, rent and bills and took off to live on the road full time. We have been having a great time and will continue to live this way till we decide differently. We took off March of 2021 and at this writing we are still enjoying the nomad life. If you would like to follow along with us join MeWe and join our group Travels With Raven and Skye

“All those who wander are not lost.” —J.R.R Tolkien

    As you know RAVENQUEST is complete and ready for your reading pleasure. But the land of Terra Zem is so exciting I could not possibly end it there. So, I have written two volumes of the sequel series SHADOWQUEST. It will probably be seven volumes also. The adventures continue as the children of Raven and Skyeyes carry on as the new Shadow Reavers.
The world of Terra Zem is rich with many characters, places and peoples so I started the first spin-off book of many to come. The first one is going to be a two volume telling of the story of Drogan Lightshade. If you have read RAVENQUEST you remember him. He was born a Death Fury but raised by an Arcamagi named Grimhiss. In Book 3: A Ripple In The Ether he goes through a powerful transformation and discovers he and his people were not always Death Furies. Book 1 chronicles his early days as a Death Fury and the difficulties he went through trying to convince people he was not a Death Fury. Book 2 will chronicle his days after being transformed. I am almost finished with book 1. Be looking for it soon. This mini-series will be called The Lightshade Chronicles. It is full of exciting adventures and quests.
I am also planning spin-offs of other characters I decide on. I am thinking Kwyjene deserves her own series. Other spin-offs I am considering: What would you think of a history of the Trocolane? How about a book about the Talon and their founder Raelyon? What about a time before Terra Zem became so populated when the first humans Ophelia and Alphaeus were the only humans and existed along with the Aelron and Gaelen, water and air elementals. The possibilities are endless! So, stay tuned and stay read up!

The Villains of Terra Zem

Terra Zem has its share of villains. I cannot share them all here but I will share a couple of my favorite ones. You will have to read RAVENQUEST and SHADOWQUEST to find out about them all!

The Dreadbane
From RAVENQUEST Book 5: Stars Will Fall

“How can I describe such a thing that is yet is not? The Dreadbane is the ancient name for a creature who should not be…who never should have been. It is not animal or human…it is of the Veil itself. It is made of the ether, specifically that part of the ether that hangs like a great curtain and is meant to be the stuff that protects us, defines the great divide between the realms. Just as there is a potential for evil or good in every creature it is so even of the very essence of all things sentient and not. I speak of the very spark of all things created,” He continued but you could tell he struggled for words, “How do you even put into words that which defies description? The Dreadbane is the veil gone wrong. It is the essence of such power that it can hold back and divide entire worlds within worlds. It is the essence of the dark and the light. It is meant to be formless and perform a purpose yet the Dreadbane is that which is formless yet has taken form. And because it has taken form it has became a very confused energy. It has no eyes yet it is aware of every eye upon it and reaches out to destroy every eye of every creature who dare look upon it in hopes that it too can see; for in its present state it wanders around like a drunken, blind and deadly creature driven mad. Because it is of the veil the longer it is free the more breaches there will be in the great curtain that divides the realms. These gaps leave potential entry points, thin places in the veil, places where evil may crossover into other realms and possibly rule.”

From SHADOWQUEST Book1: Megiddo’s Children

Jandar rolled up his sleeves and did many gestures circling upon circles with his arms. His head was thrown back at times and his features strained like he was experiencing a strong wind. We watched intently and then suddenly he stood and dropped the book and we all beheld a being of muscular stature standing before him. Destini and I drew swords and rushed in for we knew not whether he be good or evil. He dripped as if covered with fluids like you would see a newborn covered with. He flexed and shook and it was as if his body became heated and the fluids evaporated like steam from his body. He had no weapon or armor and was mostly naked except for the loincloth he wore. He had very prominent blood vessels bulging from his skin and in some ways reminded me of the Watchers in their present distressful state but fleshed out more. He flexed and shook some more and as he did it was as if his hair began to grow like it was alive and became very full, bushy and long and only shaven on the sides. His hair soon reached the middle of his back. He seemed oblivious to the three of us standing before him until finally, he gave us notice.
And as he stared at us with a gaze as cold as ice and as frightening as we have ever seen we noticed that in his right hand a trident formed that seemed to be of fire taking form.
“Thank-you mortals for releasing me. I have been bound in the realm of that book for far too long. And now at long last, I can complete my mission, my blood lust against the people who call themselves The Watchers in the Trees. They have protected the weak for far too long. The weak must be devoured for the strong to rise.” He spoke deep and full with a voice that echoed throughout the realm.
“Who are you? What is your name evil one?” I demanded boldly with Ravensgaard drawn and glowing blood-red like I have never seen it glow before.
“Your lips are incapable of speaking my true name. You may call me Megiddo.” He said as he laughed and hissed at us. A long forked tongue proceeded from his mouth and his eyes became slotted like a reptile.
“We are the Shadow Reavers and we carry your defeat and death in our hands. You will not harm the Watchers. You cannot win!” I proclaimed as we surrounded him on all sides in full force including Jandar who now held a spirit looking weapon that resembled a staff with a menacing blade on one end like a halberd.
The demon Megiddo postured and mockingly struck at us and laughed. He then became a burning flame whose heat was so intense that it was all we could do to stand our ground. The flames then became a whirling cyclone of sorts and rose upwards toward the heavens and faded amidst a torrent of laughter.
I felt deprived that I did not have the opportunity to drive my blade through Megiddo’s heart and I vowed that I would do so the next time I saw him.

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