The Lightshade Chronicles
The Lightshade Chronicles

The Lightshade Chronicles


I have been busy traveling and writing but I thought I would stop and give you an update. I have completed Volume 1 of The Lightshade Chronicles! This is my first book spin-off devoted to a character from RAVENQUEST. It chronicles the life of one of the heroes that is introduced in volume 3 of RAVENQUEST: A Ripple In The Ether. If you are a devoted reader of RAVEN QUEST  and SHADOWQUEST I know you are familiar with Drogan Lightshade. This will be a short series with one volume dedicated to Drogan and his adventures as a Death Fury that isn’t evil like the other of his born kind that were defeated by the Shadowreavers in volume 1 of RAVENQUEST: Here Be Dragons and one volume dedicated to his adventures as a Faowin.

As you recall the Death Furies were bat-winged, black scaly creatures that mindlessly kill and dominate Terra Zem in volume 1. Once they are defeated they all begin dying out from a disease and all die out except for one who is rescued from the arms of his dead father by an Arcamagi named Grimhiss. He treats him as his own and does not raise him as a Death Fury but as a warrior faithful to Terra Zem. He has his share of problems though for all who see him judge him by his appearance as a Death Fury. He does find purpose and teams up with a Cain and an Arabesque and goes on missions and quests with them. Not long after rescuing the Icilian Labyrinth from wicked Ahrimandu he is transformed into a beautiful angelic-looking being finding out his true identity is as a Faowin. Volume 2 of The Lightshade Chronicles will follow his adventures as a Faowin.

Exciting times are ahead! If you haven’t read RAVENQUEST  and SHADOWQUEST you will want to read them before reading The Lightshade Chronicles. Volume 1 is now ready to order. Don’t miss out on the latest news from Terra Zem and Raven’s Writing Desk!



It was upon a day he [Grimhiss] was gathering herbs by the tiny stream as well as snails for his meal that his ears caught the sound of the baby’s crying and went over to investigate. He approached cautiously for he had already spotted the movement of several jackals in the area. The jackals also spotted him and it was as if they knew the reputation of the Arcamagi and abandoned their desire to partake of the carcass they had discovered as well as the tiny living one. It was not long before Grimhiss had found his way and was standing over the dead and abandoned creature. He shuddered for a moment and his heart sped up and he was taken aback for a moment as he realized it was a Death Fury. He found the courage to poke at him with his walking staff and soon figured out the creature was dead. So, he carefully walked over to look into the crying bundle while carefully keeping his eye upon the Fury corpse in case it was a trap, for he knew their reputation well. Soon he pulled enough of the covering away that the tiny creature was wrapped in and saw it. When it saw him, he seemed to become calm and even seemed to smile. He was pretty cute for a Fury. He took the little one away from the dead one and was about to walk away but took time to ponder this scene. It seemed very odd and did not match the stories he had heard of the Furies, for he had heard they eat their own and knew no compassion for anyone including their own race. He took his staff and moved away some of the material that qualified as this creature’s clothing and could tell he was covered with a disease of some type. His people were healers and knew about many diseases but it was obvious there was no point diagnosing this one but he was concerned about it spreading, for if the jackals did eat it they could spread it in their waste. So, he lay the child to the side for but a moment and gathered a torch made of dried bark and grasses and struck a spark to it till it flamed up and then threw it upon the corpse. The flame spread rapidly and consumed most of the corpse quickly. And so, he left it satisfied that it was no threat anymore. He then picked up the tiny one once again and looked at him all over and saw that there was no sign of the disease upon him. Then he looked into his face and took a playful finger to touch his face and the creature cooed and grabbed hold of his finger.

“You need a name little one. I shall call you, Drogan, for you are Fury no more. I shall teach you the ways of Terra Zem. I shall teach you the ways of the Dragones and raise you as my own for as long as I shall live.” Grimhiss promised the little one. Then on they traveled disappearing into Narowood and to the abode of Grimhiss.

VENTURE WITH DROGAN as he faces enemies like Kishda who imprisons people just because they are different. Laugh and wonder when he meets up with a Cain named Aldo who becomes Boldar Firefist and an Arabesque name Khalil who becomes Stormhand. Together they form the Triskelion and defeat many enemies and rescue the Icilian Labyrinth from wicked Ahrimandu that have the gentle giants of Terra Zem, the Tantra, under their spell. ORDER TODAY!

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