New Book!
New Book!

New Book!

The adventures of Drogan Lightshade, last begotten Faowin of Terra Zem, continue! Drogan teams up Kwyjene of the Trocolane as well as Aelwick Brightsteel and Zaildra Wind Dancer for what could be their greatest adventure ever! A great crystal wall is growing out of control and is threatening to encircle Terra Zem at the equator and even go deeper and cut the entire world in half! Only the Etherseed can stop it but it won’t be easy to find. Follow Drogan and the other seekers of the Etherseed, live out their dangers and adventures along the way, Read THE LIGHTSHADE CHRONICLES 2: IN SEARCH OF THE ETHERSEED,

Drogan had been in worse situations but at the moment he could not think of a single one. It was all kind of embarrassing how it happened really. But be that as it may here was Drogan, last begotten Faowin of the Skyebara attempting to stand, chained by both wrists to the floor and feeling groggy and his head hurting where someone had got the jump on him from behind. Yes, from behind, because there was no way whomever or whatever knocked him out face to face. After a couple of failed attempts to stand Drogan finally stood upright and like anyone else began jerking at the chains that held him bound and growling and threatening whoever bound him. He was pretty much stripped down to his loincloth. The chains held firmly so he looked around at his surroundings and it was a curious place…..

Well, it wasn’t long before his noise-making attracted his captors. A great wooden door that was in need of repair, barely hanging on its hinges, soon opened and three of the most unusual-looking creatures entered, and that description was being kind, believe me. One, who seemed to be the leader, was short and had a bulbous head with lumps on his head with a few hairs on them. He had on strange-looking goggles that made his bulging eyes look even bigger and uglier than they were. He had a white coat on and an apron and gloves. His arms did not seem to match as one was longer than the other. The two with him seemed to be related to one another for they both were a little taller than Drogan with disfigured bodies and a snaggle tooth protruding from each of their mouths. They had a foul odor and could be smelled before they even entered the room. They each had only one eye that was protruding hideously. Their clothing was nothing more than a ragged loincloth and a ragged piece of cloth that went up over one shoulder and attached to the loincloth holding the loincloth up on them. But one of them, in particular, sent Drogan into a rage as he looked and saw Inimicus draped across his shoulders. Inimicus was the trademark article of clothing that Drogan always wore made from the hide of his first kill, the jackal that dared attack him long ago…..

Drogan looked down once more then he turned his face toward the sky and released all the energy he had built up and he went blasting into the sky faster than any Blackstone missile. Shock waves were felt behind him. Rising ever higher he rose until the air he breathed was beginning to get too thin for him to breathe. He then flapped his wings to slow himself and hover in place. What he saw was shocking for from his point of view it seemed the wall was growing in a perfect radius around the equator and Drogan could not help but think that if this stranglehold continued it could divide Terra Zem in half! Drogan was pretty high up, high enough to know that Terra Zem was like a ball floating and he wondered if the strain might even cause Terra Zem to break in two. And as he beheld the sight it looked as if millions of ants were traveling ever closer but these were no ants, these were the people of Terra Zem being drawn to this place. ‘Twas no strange mystical drawing power of the wall but just curiosity and word of mouth that caused the crowds to gather more and more every day. But more and more they became mesmerized as they looked into it.

“My children…Walls keep us in, they limit us, they protect us, they establish boundaries. These can be good things in times of rest. They can also make us lazy when we allow the walls to do the job for us that we were meant to do. You were not created to be kept in when all of creation invites you to more. You were not created with limits, you were created to do so much more than even you thought you were capable of doing. You were not created to be protected, you were created to fight your own fights. You were not created with boundaries that limit you from knowing great opportunities and people. Walls divide, walls weaken. Walls create a world that demands more walls to protect the walls that never should have been. This wall threatens to divide Terra Zem into two worlds which will not be separate worlds at all but only broken halves that cannot survive apart from one another. This wall is like two hands that come closer every day to choking and crushing the world we know as Terra Zem. This shall not be! “Yet it shall not be my mighty weapons that this wall be pounded down. It shall come down by the simple seed that falls to the ground and is watered by the gentle rains that fall. As is often the case that which is considered weak defeats the strong, that which is considered foolish confounds the wise.

So off they flew in the direction of Mooraeus and just as Jubal said the island was practically surrounded by these wicked-looking vessels that Drogan and his adventurers had never seen the likes of…..Soon Blackstone and his crew were descending upon them from the shores. Those armed with swivel guns were firing from their ships and picking off attackers with hardly a miss. Blackstone was a fierce warrior and was armed with long and short swords. He was going after the attackers like a bladed whirling dervish while laughing a belly laugh the whole time. Drogan, Aelwick, Kwyjene and Zaildra had swords drawn and were dealing death blows on the front so the attackers were being defended against in front and back. Even Synestra was bearing her claws and teeth and tearing the attackers to pieces. Zaildra and Aelwick soon took a high point of vantage and began firing arrows with deadly accuracy. Drogan occasionally would take to the air and get an idea where he was needed most and then swoop down sometimes carrying the attackers into the air and dropping them to their deaths 


As I began writing Drogan Lightshade’s story in RAVENQUEST Book 3: A RIPPLE IN THE ETHER It became apparent to me that he was a pretty special character who deserved more attention. THE LIGHTSHADE CHRONICLES is the story of Drogan Lightshade. These volumes detail Drogan’s life and his many adventures. Volume 1 tells of when he was still a Death Fury and This volume will continue to tell the story of his life as a Faowin. His is a story of his struggle being part of a race of beings that were known for their hate and destruction though he never knew or behaved in such a way. His story is about who he really was and his transformation as the rest of Terra Zem beheld how even one wrapped in a Death Fury’s skin could also be misjudged and be someone so much more than his outward appearance.
To truly enjoy and understand this series it is advised that you read the RAVENQUEST series, if you haven’t already, particularly focusing on Book 3 in the series A RIPPLE IN THE ETHER. You will be glad you did for it describes his beginnings and how he became the Faowin hero he is today. Many references are made in this series that only one who has read the RAVENQUEST series would understand. The storyteller, Raven, often makes reference to ‘the RAVENQUEST scrolls’ and ‘A Ripple In The Ether’. You will also want to read THE LIGHTSHADE CHRONICLES BOOK 1: TRISKELION


And for all who have read and enjoyed the RAVENQUEST series you have my thanks and I know you will enjoy the continuing saga of Terra Zem as you read THE LIGHTSHADE CHRONICLES.


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