The Battle of the Red Mist
The Battle of the Red Mist

The Battle of the Red Mist

One thing you can count on as you read Ravenquest and Shadowquest is action! Here is a small excerpt of a great battle that was fought known as the Battle of the Red Mist. It is very exciting but you will have to actually read these books to find out what this battle was all about and why they fought it. Only then will you find out the secret of the Arian Pipes, the exciting conclusion of this battle  and the exciting undercover mission of Skyeyes. This excerpt is from Book 4 of Ravenquest: This Ever Present Moment. Enjoy this excerpt and be sure to read these books for yourself!

On the rising of the Great Light the armies of the Blue Sage approached the valley for the battle that would forever be known as the Battle of the Red Mist. The blood that flowed in each of us ran hot in anticipation. Our blades and arrows lusted for the blood of our enemies that would dare enslave the hearts and minds of the parents of innocent children. Almost simultaneously one after another of our army, including myself, took a blade and cut a mark across their upper arm, and another mark making an appearance like a cross, marking ourselves to remember this day, this battle in the Red Mist. When it healed it would be a scar that would always identify us that we were there that day when Ichor fell. Ichor had lured many astray through many ages virtually undetected but it was time for this madness to end. For this battle was not only a rescue mission for the elders of many innocent but to also destroy an instrument wielded by a tyrant that dared to enslave the hearts and minds of the children of Terra Zem. The Great Spirit wishes the heart and mind of every creature everywhere to be free. Free from whatever illusion binds them. It angered me deeply to think of how so many were content to only move from one illusion to another in this world rather than walk in the light of truth.

As we looked over the valley we saw the Red Mist of Ichor rise and settle over the soon to be battlefield like some blanket of blood. Skyeyes’ stealth force already was long gone upon their mission and so the time had arrived that we approached the battlefield. We stood magnificently in view of the castle of Ichor. Banners were flying, shields were raised. Beasts that would fight with us were all gathered and we stood there defiantly, challenging Ichor with our presence. We beat upon our shields a rhythm that declared death to the one known as Ichor, the Red Mist and all who followed him. It was not long before every sentry on his towers were sounding their alarms and before long Ichor’s forces gathered. Some poured forth from the gates of the fortress, others poured from all directions around the mountain fortress and we stood across the fields from them. A warm breeze blew through the tall grass. And we waited not saying a word although I am sure everyone in our force whispered a prayer to the Creator and Great Spirit of all. I think the forces of Ichor were a bit confused at this and dared not speak a word for we all just stood defiantly and unafraid.

With the warm breeze blowing and the sound it made as it blew through the valley there soon was another sound that joined it. There was the loud squawking and the flapping of wings of a myriad of ravens who approached and were like a dark cloud over us and circling the battlefield. Their shadow was cast upon the ground and partially blocked out the light of the Great Light. They flew in a swirling circular pattern and I remembered the pattern we had seen in the ether on many occasions like a great ripple in the pond of eternity.

And then as the Great Light was highest in the sky Captain Kali blew the trumpet blast that would call the forces of the Blue Sage to attack with all their might. Then there was silence no more. It was like a wave of great warriors in a battle cry that spread and became one great voice. It was apparent that our forces were first to move and we thought for a moment that Ichor’s armies were frozen in their tracks. And flying before us the great flock of ravens descended confusing their armies and causing a fatal distraction as they attempted to fight away the ravens in vain and seemingly before they even knew what hit them our forces were upon them. Captain Kali plowing right down the middle while the factions of Captain Galcles and Captain Fire Viper split to one side and then the other unnoticed in the melee by Ichor’s army who were occupied with trying to defend against the forces of Kali upon them. Ravensgaard glowed in its fury as did the Oraquist as I dealt death and destruction to all who raised a weapon against me. My blood lust ran high as I faced those who would dare stand against me and more importantly against all the Creator meant Terra Zem to be. It was sword against sword as many surrounded me at once and I skillfully parried every blow and cleaved one in half, and cut off arms and legs. One by one and sometimes two by two they fell. All around us it was not only the Red Mist that painted this battlefield red but the spattering of blood in all directions. The more I fought the mightier I felt. As four Arabesquean enemy soldiers attacked in a straight line at me I skillfully leaped high into the air flipping over them and coming up on their other side and cleaved all four of their heads off in one blow. At one point there was one Woodsage that came up from behind and was sure he had me as he tightened his grip around my neck with his strong arms and wielded a blade meant to cut my throat but bending quickly forward I sent him flying over my head. He did manage to make a cut on my forearm. Then once upon the ground I drove a blade that was laying on the ground deep into his heart as I looked him in the eyes. At first I saw a look of terror beyond words but this turned into a smile and a look of peace and I realized it was because he was free and going home to his children. I swung my sword low and cleaved off legs at the knees. I stuck my sword through two at once on more than one occasion. The ground beneath us was beginning to be covered with red as body parts lay everywhere around us. The enemy had no beasts fighting for them and I took pleasure in watching our beasts fighting skillfully and ripping their opponents to shreds. I watched as wolves of the Blue Sage fought in packs surrounding their prey like they would have done to a wounded animal and attacked with a fervor that brought screams of terror to their victims. There were many large cats such as tiger, panther and bobcat that moved so quickly that I saw their enemy still standing for a brief second frozen in death, a myriad of rips in their flesh then fell with a look of terror upon their faces, at least those who had faces.   I observed Tindolyn fighting other Tindolyn in aerial battles with some of the most skilled flying I had ever seen. It was like they were as comfortable in the air as the rest of us were on the ground. Many Tindolyn fell from the sky like rain. The Rune were not only dropping the enemy with their deadly pole arms such as the bardich, pole axes, halberds and glaives, they were also killing many with the power of their minds. I observed some as they mindlessly lined up under their mind control and were ran through with a long spear or pole arm. I watched as three of them would stand back to back and turn in such synchronous rhythm that their fighting method was as elegant as it was deadly. With each revolution of their Triband, as they called it, at least six dropped and writhed and choked on their own blood.

The Arabesque turned out to be fierce fighters. I remembered when I first saw the Arabesque at Migalitha and how elegantly dressed they were with their long painted claws. I thought then that there probably were no warriors among them but I have seen a totally different side of them in this battle. Their reptilian forms allow them to be very tough to many blows even of bladed weapons. They are amazingly strong and agile and could be seen whipping their tails sweeping one creature while tearing into the throat of another with claws and teeth. They had many bladed weapons but seemed to prefer killing their enemies with their claws and teeth and often cried a victory cry as blood and body parts dripped from their mouths.

The Ganymede and Woodsage were both very skilled ground fighters. They were skilled with their feet and had many throws and punches. The Woodsage also loved their bladed weapons. They had one that seemed to be curved to fit perfectly along their forearm and also had a handle on them at a right angle that allowed them to swing the weapon in a circle and slice right through the necks of many. The Ganymede had a weapon that they called the Kusari that was a chain whip. One end was a weighted object and on the other end were several blades that whipped many cuts to an opponent in one or two blows and sometimes they dragged their opponent to the ground with one end of the chain and then struck them with the other.

It was not long before Kali blew the horn again, this time three times and the forces who had worked themselves to the sides of the battle now surrounded and did their work at finishing off Ichor’s army while Kali formed a pointed shield of warriors before me and plowed their way through the enemy lines making a way for my entrance just as planned. Cayteus and Mesareth skillfully defended me from arrows firing at me from the turrets. For those who tried to come up from behind I took them out quickly with the Serpent Teeth throwing blades given to me by Drogan and Aelwick. How effective they were as the three and four bladed spinning stars of death found their way to every target I threw them toward.


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