Expanding The Terra Zem Universe
Expanding The Terra Zem Universe

Expanding The Terra Zem Universe

The universe I call Terra Zem continues to expand and grow. Shadowquest continues to follow the adventures of the Shadowreavers as Jaden and Destini continue to explore and defend against evil. Many spin-offs are in the making starting with Drogan Lightshade’s adventures in The Lightshade Chronicles.There are so many amazing characters in the world of Terra Zem. I am toying with the idea of writing a spinoff of one of my favorite characters, Kwyjene, also known as Dawn Striker. She is a lone Shadowreaver and grew up as a Trocolane but achieved fame and recognition as she killed that first Bloodkis and went on to defeat more of them. I’m excited and I hope you are also! So, get your copy of the available books and share them with your friends! Amazing, inspiring adventures ahead!

Ravenquest and its sequels are full of many inspirational philosophies that will challenge you. Let me share a sample:

  • “Listen to the voice of the Creator. He speaks in every breath of every living thing. He has breathed the Skyebara upon us, a world cleansing but a planting not an uprooting. What has the Creator planted in you? Have you taken time to meditate and hear the voice he casts upon the wind? Have you heard his roar in the waterfall and the water that flows? Though we are many yet we are one. There are those of us who have scales, some skin, some fur, some feathered but we all have the same blood that flows, pumped by the very heart of the Creator. There are warriors and there are poets among us. But I show you a mystery for within every poet is a warrior and in every warrior is a poet. Every warrior does not carry a weapon of steel in his hand or bends a bow. Some carry weapons in the words they speak and write. Can a word be mightier than a sword? I say yea it is so! For every sword raised to defend the innocent the bearer must first hear a word within. Our thoughts become our deeds. It is the poet that empowers the heart of the warrior. It is the warrior who empowers the heart of the poet. Say not that it is the poet who is weak and the warrior that is strong. Yea, I say unto you they are one in the same. One wields a sword and another a pen but they are one in the heart of the Creator and one in the ether and one in the Skyebara. Ponder these words. Let them be fire shut up in your bones but also let them be a pillow your head rests upon in the darkness and be at peace. Now come. Let us feast together. There is plenty at the table of the Creator. Come one and all. Bring what you have to the table. Call not what you bring small or large, call it not nothing or something just come and be filled.”—Mitra the Oracle, Book 5 of RAVENQUEST, ‘Stars Will Fall’
  • “The outcast shall stand among the heroes, the downtrodden shall be their armor bearer, the exile shall be the sword that conquers.” —Eli, (Shadowquest 1)
  • “All things contain life, all things are one in the great ether. And though all things be one they each have their individual identities and purpose. Is the dirt greater than the great Ockis tree? Nay, though we trample the dirt beneath our feet the great Ockis cannot live without its life giving energy. There is not a plant eating creature among us who does not owe its life to the dirt. Trample it beneath your feet if you will but from the trampling you only bring forth more life. Within the confines of this place called Megiddo life was trampled as the dirt. It was spit upon and plowed with bitterness and violence and yet it produced life. Megiddo’s children though trampled as dirt came forth! Call not a thing ‘dirt’ as if that were a term that implied worthlessness. That which is trampled is the very essence and womb of all life. Say not that this one is great and another is not for we all come forth from the same womb and are nursed at the same breasts we call Terra Zem. There are no bastards, there are only sons and daughters of the Creator. Even as one dies, no matter how exalted they are among their kind, they return to the trampled dirt that does not judge them but only receives the life that has passed like a wayward child that has come home. Trample it beneath your feet, spit upon it…it does not make it any less sacred. And so it is with every child that is born! Beware who you spit upon and trample beneath your feet, they are each and every one sacred and loved by the Creator.—Eli (Shadowquest 1)


old man ravenquestI also write many other things. Here is something I wrote recently:


What if there were no darkness or light…
No wrong or right….
No weakness or might….
No male or female…
No animal or human…
No blindness or sight…
What would it be if there were no you or me?
Would there be only anarchy and chaos as the cosmos tried to resolve the quandary and perplexed state it suddenly found itself in?
Or would the great cosmic equation be at peace at last?
Who would it be that would contain it?
Would it be the genie or the bottle?
Can two be one?
Does the division begin when the two become two?
Would there be any darkness if the light never spoke?
Would there be any wrong if the right never said it was wrong?
Would there be such a thing as weakness had not might exerted itself over the other?
Can there be a being so complete that it is not necessary to define itself as male or female?
At what point does intellect exalt itself above another and label the other lower and animal?
How could he who never knew sight call his state blind?
So, things were when they were without form and void.
There was a time before time that all things existed only in the perfect mind of the Creator.
But though all things were contained it did not make them non-existent but only contained…like the genie in the bottle.
But one inevitable fact remains… there is more room out than in and as long as that is so that which is contained must be free.
The genie cannot be contained once it is released, but would we want to even if we could?
Herein lies true power, vitality and strength that all these seemingly opposite forces and characteristics can remain opposites and yet coexist.
True power lies in balance of all these things rather than preferring one over another…
Balance is the goal, balance is when true power arises.



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